Here's to the ones who dream big. A new generation of conquering women. Strong. Outspoken. Empowered. Here’s to the leaders of tomorrow, daringly reaching for the sky and opening new horizons. Here’s to the new idols, paving the way for others. Declare the time is now, be your own idôle. Fragrance Bottle: Freed from the old world, Idôle is a fragrance that does not compromise with your dreams. A refillable perfume bottle with a dynamic silhouette sharp as will, maintained by a golden blade, symbol of women’s will and determination. A pure and luminous Cristal screen, as wide as dream and imagination. A fragrance like a tribute to the incredible, inviting us to discover unseen dimensions. Made in the future, we believe Idôle is the thinnest fragrance bottle in the world, easy to refill and available for bottle engraving. A new frame of mind, a design fusing naturally with the hand, an openness waiting for your grasp. Forever refillable, forever yours. "Idôle breaks with the indulgent addiction that has become widespread on the market by offering a new sensation, the first clean floral chypre" - Shyamala Maisondieu. "It's a soul- connecting fragrance which leads a woman to believe she can conquer anything she desirest" - Adriana Medina. "Idôle is the strong conviction of a highly committed team with a true vision. We laughed, we cried, and we felt even more determined to go on to the next step. The obstacles made us stronger and showed us the way to transcending our limits" Nagege Le Garlantezec.

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Más Información
Marcas Lancôme
Brand range Idôle
Tamaño del paquete 50ml

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